Buy and sell cafeteria swypes.

Want to eat in the cafeteria?

Text "Buy" to


Want to sell your extra swypes?

Text "Sell" to




Q: How do I pay / get payed?

The payment method is up for you and your match to decide. Cash, CashApp, Venmo, anything!

Q: How quickly will I get matched?

As soon as possible. Seriously, our algorithm links buyers and sellers as soon as they text us.

Q: How much does it cost?

It's completely free to chat with SwypeShark. The price of the Swype is dependent on you and seller. As a rule of thumb, never pay more than half the price of the actual value.

Q: I have the buyer's number, now what?

Shoot them a text and agree on a price, payment method, and meeting time. Make it happen!


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